Leveraging Australia’s Agency Workforce to Drive Economic Recovery

Australia’s agency sector will boost the nation’s economic recovery by almost $1 billion and save the Federal Government $200 million in benefit payments to job seekers, according to a new report from FTI consulting, one of the world’s leading independent economic and advisory firms.

The “Leveraging Australia’s Agency Workforce to Drive Economic Recovery” report found the current level of uncertainty and low confidence in the economy is likely to drive business towards flexible labour solutions, including agency workers.

It says businesses which draw on agency workers during the economic downturn and recovery are likely to achieve greater productivity and accelerate quicker out of the downturn.
“Experience in both Australia and internationally highlights the significant contribution that the agency workforce can make in supporting businesses and the labour market to manage through a recession and bounce back,” the report says.

“Using staffing agencies to support displaced workers and businesses in the early stages of economic recovery is likely to stimulate additional production of almost $1 billion over the course of the economic recovery.

“This has the potential to improve the Australian Government’s budget position by almost $200 million over the recovery through reduced Jobseeker payments and increase tax revenue.”

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