WIL - Workforce Info Line

WIL (Workforce Info Line) is an immediate telephone advice service which is provided as part of your RCSA Corporate Membership.

Corporate Members can pick up the phone for workforce advice on:

  • Workplace Relations
    Award, Fair Work and the National Employment Standards, employment agreements/contracts, enterprise agreements, termination of employment and agency work (on-hire) assignments, managing performance, conduct and attendance, unfair dismissal, adverse action / general protection, EEO and anti-discrimination, privacy, developing policies, procedures and good practice HR management, labour hire licensing.

  • Work Health and Safety
    Policies and procedures, management systems, audits and gap analysis, client safety assessments, managing work safety in client relationships.

  • Independent Contracting
    Contractor v employee, independent contractor agreements and contracts, minimum entitlements for independent contractors.

NZ Corporate Members can pick up the phone for employment relations and compliance advice from our Auckland based work law experts.

Australian Members Call 1300 988 685 - New Zealand Members Call 0800 555 131

And quote your Corporate Member ID number. Make sure your relevant staff members know your ID number too!

For all other workforce and business operations enquiries the rapid response email support service still applies. All other workforce and business operations enquiries: bussolutions@rcsa.com.au 

For all specialist assistance with the option of a fee for service quotation if extensive research required: bussolutions@rcsa.com.au 

Templates and business resources are available here New Zealand and Australia.

For general assistance and enquiries we’ll always pick up and talk to you on our head office landline 61 3 9663 0555.