Getting Australia and New Zealand safely back to work in the new normal

A global resource to assist local companies and workers to return to work quickly and safely


With the COVID-19 pandemic far from over, and its impact likely to be felt for years to come, one thing is certain: the world of work is never going to be the same.

To limit the economic downturn and impact on people’s ability to earn a living, we must quickly adjust to this new reality – a new normal where physical distancing and other strict measures will be an integral part of all workplace processes for a considerable time to come.

Given the unprecedented nature of this, collaboration and coordination by all stakeholder groups – ranging from employers and governments, industry bodies, unions, institutions and, of course, workers themselves - is urgently needed to prepare for the new normal in the workplace.

It is critical that best practices be shared across countries and industries, and that new channels are created to scale effective protocols at speed.

To get this underway, three of the world’s largest private sector employers and labour market experts, Randstad, the Adecco Group and the ManpowerGroup, have formed a global HR services industry alliance to help drive this collaborated approach to get people get safely back to work.

In Australia and New Zealand, the alliance will work with RCSA, the peak body for the recruitment and staffing industry, to collate, quantify and share proven best practices so that Australian and New Zealand businesses can operate and our economy can restart.

And we want you to join us.

We are inviting our members, HR partners, employers, unions and NGOs to collaborate with us. We are also reaching out to government to support, stimulate and endorse these efforts.


It is our goal to expedite getting people safely back to work and businesses and economies running again.

The longer the current situation continues, the greater the impact will be on the economy, and the rate of job losses will continue to increase.

In 2018, our industry placed nearly 60 million workers in jobs across dozens of countries and sectors. We are uniquely positioned to contribute to these efforts by applying our in-depth knowledge of labour market processes through various sectors and companies, and our experience in addressing rapidly changing circumstances.

We will share best practices on health and safety protocols and measure what works and what doesn’t with our global counterparts in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Nordics, Japan, USA and the UK. These protocols have been gathered in multiple countries and anonymised and are intended as a guidance to an international audience and intended to be translated by any customer to their local situation

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Get Involved

Whilst this initiative has been initiated by the Alliance of Randstad, the Adecco Group and the ManpowerGroup, we are inviting all RCSA corporate member recruitment and staffing firms to join the project so that we can share our knowledge and influence. We will, through your contribution of best practice cases studies, help apply our collective experience, fostering connection between the various stakeholder groups.

The time to join together and demonstrate our leadership in a new world of work is now.




In Australia and New Zealand, RCSA will act as the project manager for the alliance.

This will be led by Amy Towers, who has more than 15 years’ experience working with businesses to analyse, guide and improve their workplace compliance and productivity while reducing their litigation risk. Amy holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (OHS) from RMIT 92002) as well as post-graduate studies in Business Management (2008) and Communication & Organisation from the University of Queensland (2019). She has also attended Lead Auditor Training as well as attended the Thought Leaders Business School.

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