Webinars are online presentations that are transmitted (over the web) into a real-time conversation. Webinars make learning easier – without sacrificing quality – and are an excellent alternative to the traditional methods of hosted workshops, as an audience member if you’re screen shy you don’t share your screen yourself but simply present yourself by audio-joining the session and following the presentation.

The RCSA offers relevant trending topics, unlike face-to-face training, which can take several months to plan, webinars are positioned to deliver relevant timely training to an audience. Member benefits also include access to a number of annual free-of-charge training such as business industry enablement’s topics and/or legal updates.

As a participant of a webinar the benefits include:

  1. Convenience If you register to attend any webinar then you can join the live scheduled topic and or/receive a copy of the recorded live session that is emailed to participants within 24 hours Mobile devices also make it easier to attend webinars by being able to listen and/or view a session from your tablet or smartphone at any time, in any place In some cases, a copy of the presentation slides is available for your future perusal
  2. You can Deliver Tremendous Value As an audience member you get a voice, you can ask questions and get real-time feedback on the training. You can chat, vocalise your opinion, ask questions, answer questions
  3. They Position you as an Expert The presenters are all experts in their field and the RCSA has been fortunate to have some of the most esteemed industry experts present their knowledge. Capitalise on your strengths you may not know you have and how to present those strengths to others so they can see your true expertise    
  4. Gain CPD points Attendance to each webinar entitles you to one CPD-point The RCSA recommends each member maintains an annual 25-point expectancy rate
  5. Affordability The price of registration is typically much lower than face-to-face training Member benefits include access to a number of free annual or past topics
  6. Generate New Leads and Build Relationships Webinars offer training on specific topics that enables the learner to generate new business and/or convert your existing client base