Boards, Councils, Working Groups

RCSA Board of Directors and CEO

The Board of Directors are elected by RCSA Members and are responsible for all matters pertaining to the running of the Association. The Board has the authority to determine the policy, practices, management and operation of RCSA.


Penny O'Reilly MRCSA

Managing Director


Vice President

Ian McPherson FRCSA (Life)

Enterprise Recruitment


Vice President

Natasha Olsson-Seeto FRCSA

Chief Executive


Finance Director

Matthew Sampson MRCSA

Managing Director
Aspect Personnel



Erin Devlin FRCSA

Managing Director
people2people Recruitment



Tara Staritski MRCSA

Managing Director
SWITCH Education



Matt Iustini MRCSA

Technical Resources



David Stewart FRCSA

Chief Executive
Alliance Australia



Jason Elias FRCSA

Chief Executive
Elias Recruitment



Catherine O'Mahony

Managing Director
On Q Recruitment



Charles Cameron


RCSA Regional and Member Group Councils

Governed by the RCSA Board of Directors, and supported by our Executive Team, RCSA’s success is dependent upon five Australian Regional Councils, a New Zealand Council and two Member Group Councils which represent the health and medical sectors. Each of the Councils are represented on the RCSA Board of Directors and each Council Member is assigned a portfolio which aligns with RCSA’s four Channels of Member value and influence. The Council portfolios ensure clear and focused contributions are obtained from each and every member of Council.


The Association of Medical Recruiters Australia New Zealand (AMRANZ) represents the interests of medical workforce agencies in Australia and New Zealand. Members work closely with health services to identify and bring together a highly skilled and experienced medical workforce. AMRANZ members are guided by a Code for Professional Conduct and are recognised for their commitment to quality and ethical practices. AMRANZ provides a focal point for recruitment consultancies whose business is the recruitment of medical practitioners into and within Australia and New Zealand.

  • Chris Riley, Wavelength International  
  • Corrine Taylor FRCSA, CTBC, Chair
  • Jamie Walsh, Medacs Global
  • Kate Healy-Smith, Talent Quarter
  • Lawrence Eadie, Verus People
  • Martina Stanley, Alecto Australia Medical Recruitment
  • Max Drakeley MRCSA, Wavelength International, Next Gen Representative
  • Michael Fernandes, BluePrint Medical
  • Moana Bywater, Good Together Health
  • Nichole Fitzgerald MRCSA, Aussie Locums Pty Ltd
  • Ryan Kevelighan MRCSA, 1 Medical, Vice Chair
  • Siobhan McDonald, MedRecruit


The Association of Nursing Recruitment Agencies (ANRA) represents the interests of nursing and healthcare recruitment agencies in a sector the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency ranks among the fastest growing in the nation. ANRA members are guided by a Code for Professional Conduct and are recognised for their commitment to quality and excellence. ANRA Member agencies have extensive knowledge in working with healthcare providers and facilities in recruiting and managing the healthcare workforce. ANRA member agencies are among the largest employers of healthcare staff in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Alex Wardlaw, Verus People
  • Amanda Blight, HenderCare Pty Ltd
  • Candice Thompson, Preferred Care
  • Carl Sagun, ACM Healthcare
  • David Stewart FRCSA, Alliance Australia, Director
  • Hayley Clarke, Heather Hill Group
  • Jelena Giro MRCSA, Altaira Nursing Services Pty Ltd, Vice Chair
  • Michael Zoumaras, Altaira Nursing Services Pty Ltd, Next Gen Representative
  • Paul Morrison, Connect Staffing Group
  • Tracy McClenaghan MRCSA, Adecco, Chair
  • Tom Reardon, PeopleIN

New Zealand Council

  • Andrea Swan MRCSA, Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Bridget Clarke, Robert Walters
  • Carol Fraser, Fraser People
  • Felila Feausi, Alignz Recruitment, Vice Chair
  • Fiona Harland FRCSA, ERG Recruitment
  • Ian McPherson FRCSA (Life), Enterprise Recruitment, Vice President
  • Jonathan Greening, Archway Recruitment
  • Jon Ives MRCSA, OneStaff, Chair
  • Nivana Johnson MRCSA, Lynx Recruitment
  • Patrick Zimonczek MRCSA, Ministry of Social Development
  • Richard Kennedy, Randstad
  • Rob Woodward MRCSA, Find Recruitment LTD
  • Ryan Densem MRCSA, Advanced Personnel Services, Vice Chair
  • Sophie Hallett, Ministry for Primary Industries, Next Gen Representative

New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory Region Council

  • Alan Claire MRCSA, Six Degrees Executive, Chair
  • Carl Sagun, ACM Healthcare
  • Catherine O'Mahony, On Q Recruitment Pty Ltd, Director
  • Danielle Johnson, Sirius People
  • Jillian Asquith, Asquith Workforce
  • Laura Paixao, Rarekind People, Next Gen Representative
  • Melinda Honeychurch, Hays
  • Nick Bacon MRCSA, Charterhouse Medical
  • Rebecca Hartshorn, Launch Recruitment, Vice Chair
  • Ryan Kevelighan MRCSA, 1 Medical
  • Simon Cox, HorizonOne Recruitment Pty Ltd

Queensland/Northern Territory Region Council

  • Brent Russell, Resourceful Recruitment Pty Ltd
  • Dani Dickinson, DFP Recruitment
  • Darren Winmill, Omni Recruit
  • Eva Grabner FRCSA, Elite Executive Pty Ltd
  • James Foden MRCSA, Talent Web Recruitment Pty Ltd
  • Jane Lowney MRCSA, Robert Walters
  • Natalie Stewart, Protech Group Aust Pty Ltd, Vice Chair
  • Natasha Olsson-Seeto FRCSA, OnTalent Pty Ltd, Director
  • Sally Mlikota FRCSA, CBC Staff Selection, Vice Chair
  • Shanna Keller, PeopleIN, Next Gen Representative
  • Tom Reardon, PeopleIN, Chair

South Australia Region Council

  • Andrew Ashcroft, Health & Fitness Recruitment Australia
  • Jelena Giro, Altaira Nursing Services Pty Ltd
  • John Camm FRCSA, Rainy Day Recruitment
  • Kellie Horton, MRCSA, CTC - Chris Tan Consulting
  • Matthew Dew, SMAART Recruitment
  • Megan Nicholson, MRCSA, Entrée Recruitment, Chair
  • Michael Zoumaras, Altaira Nursing Services Pty Ltd, Next Gen Representative
  • Rania Khoury, WorkPac
  • Tara Staritski MRCSA, SWITCH Education, Director

Victoria/Tasmania Region Council

  • Adele Last MRCSA, Career Lasso, Vice Chair
  • James Witcombe, SMAART Recruitment, Chair
  • Jessica Hickey MRCSA, Six Degrees Executive, Next Gen Representative
  • Matt Gowan, Hays
  • Matthew Sampson MRCSA, Aspect Personnel Pty Ltd, Director
  • Maria Cenic, Slade Group
  • Nick Gabrielidis, Chandler Macleod
  • Nick Prokopiec, Searson Buck Group Pty Ltd
  • Tamara Ryf, Clicks IT Recruitment

Western Australia Region Council

  • Ben Vafeas APRCSA, Zenith Search, Next Gen Representative
  • David Gray, DRD Group Australia
  • Gregor McNally MRCSA, Partner Executive 
  • Jackie Lee, Journey Recruitment Pty Ltd
  • Jamie Devitt, Chandler Macleod
  • Keelie Munroe, KE Select
  • Mark Lawton, Bridge Resources
  • Martyn Hill MRCSA, Zenith Search, Vice Chair
  • Matthew Iustini MRCSA, Technical Resources Pty Ltd, Director
  • Michael Jones MRCSA, Michael Jones Recruitment Training, Vice Chair
  • Nick Sutton, Brunel Energy
  • Paul Morrison, Connect Staffing Group
  • Sarah Swiderski, PERSOLKELLY, Chair

Working Groups

RCSA has a number of working groups to assist in the management of policy, strategy, issues, education and stakeholder influence across a range of disciplines. Working groups may be established for a specific purpose or as an ongoing observance and managing group.

These groups are a great way for members and their representatives to contribute to the direction of the industry and to the maintenance of standards, while also being briefed on industry developments and practice trends.

Working groups are open to representatives of RCSA corporate members and individual members with specialist knowledge in the discipline area, as well as agreed RCSA service providers and corporate members’ staff or contracted employees.


Industry Advocacy

Assists RCSA and the Board in the management of policy, strategy, issues, education and stakeholder influence across all matters relating to Industry Advocacy.

Staffing Technology

Promotes effective, progressive, sustainable and respectful relationships between technology providers, recruitment firms and workforce service firms, as well as to promote ethical conduct for the protection of candidates and workers.

Professional Contracting Network

Assists RCSA in the management of policy, strategy, issues, education and stakeholder influence across all matters relating to Professional Contracting.