Presenting the judges feedback for our 2023 Australian RCSA Industry Awards Winners

6 June 2023


Last Thursday 1 June we had the honour of presenting the 2023 RCSA Industry Awards at Luna Park in Sydney. The below organisations represent the standout achievers for 2023, coming out on top of a record number of entrants for this year’s intake. To give you an idea of why some of these organisations won, we are pleased to present the below comments that were provided by our judges. 

Excellence in Candidate Care – Sponsored by Prime Super

Caring For You Nursing Agency

It is clear that Caring for You Nursing Agency have a commitment to, and are investing in, candidate care and experience. Their use of technology is impressive as are their innovative ideas for integrating casual staff into the company. It was heartening to see candidates referred to as members, and an outstanding rewards scheme.

people2people recruitment 

people2people Recruitment are clearly a professional, slick organisation who have mastered the use of technology whilst maintaining the human touch of candidate care. Their well evidenced entry demonstrated impressive results and their commitment to living their slogan, 'Get the job you want' was obvious. A sophisticated entry from a sophisticated agency.


Excellence in Social Purpose

Talent Nation

Talent Nation have a clear and sustainable focus and are holding themselves, and their clients accountable as they strive to go above and beyond and be a force for good. Being the first recruitment agency in Australia to be Climate Active Certified, they are demonstrating best practice, and this is further highlighted by their B Corp accreditation. Their holistic and strategic approach to sustainability make them a clear winner for Excellence in Social Purpose.

Excellence in Safety & Wellbeing Culture – Sponsored by Entire OnHire

Protech Group

With a comprehensive and integrated approach to safety and wellbeing culture, Protech Group have a clear drive to succeed through great use of technology. Their record in the blue-collar space is impressive, and their monthly/yearly reports provide invaluable information for both clients and employees. Their injury management/safety policies are well articulated and it is clear that safety and wellbeing is a priority for the whole organisation.

Excellence in Business Innovation – Sponsored by Xeople

Clicks IT Recruitment

Clicks IT Recruitment impressed the judges with their solution to a problem that had a community wide impact. They presented a genuine business innovation and reinforced their entry with impressive data. Their use of innovation will be inspirational to the sector.

Excellence in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Chandler Macleod

The judges were impressed with the breadth of coverage of the diversity spectrum that Chandler Macleod presented in their entry as well as their internal results. Their use of technology was outstanding, and their metrics were admirable.

Excellence in Client Service – Sponsored by HR Assured

people2people recruitment

Extensively using technology whilst retaining the personal touch is what made people2people Recruitment stand out in the Excellence in Client Service category. Their entry demonstrated lots of creative initiatives, and their chatbot is clearly an asset. The values of their clients are matched to their own, and they provide professional, reliable service, as seen in their extensive evidence.

Outstanding Agency - Up to 10 Staff – Sponsored by RCSA Insurance

Elias Recruitment PTY LTD

The judges were impressed with the long-term results demonstrated in the entry as well as the genuine desire to give back to the industry. The entry showed their use of initiative and their ability to understand and match expectations whilst delivering on promises made. A strong entry in a hotly contested category.

Outstanding Agency - Up to 30 Staff – Sponsored by The Access Group

Entrée Recruitment

Entrée Recruitment have presented themselves as a credible, warm and professional company who are active in both RCSA and the community. The positive offerings for clients, candidates and internal staff alike are enviable, and this is supported with an extraordinary NPS score along with other solid evidence. Entrée Recruitment set the bar high for the industry.

Outstanding Agency - Up to 80 Staff – Sponsored by JobAdder

MAYDAY Recruitment

With an easy to read and well-presented entry, MAYDAY Recruitment demonstrate strong RCSA and greater recruitment industry involvement. Their impressive claims were supported by validated evidence and it is clear that they are not just recruiting people to fill jobs but are wanting to make a difference.

Outstanding Agency - Over 80 Staff – Sponsored by Bullhorn

Peoplebank Australia

An entry with impressive overall statistics and supporting data, it is clear that Peoplebank value service over profit. Their initiatives to support clients, candidates and employees are commendable

Rising Star 2023 – Sponsored by Astute Payroll

Caroline Soutar (MAYDAY Recruitment)

An outstanding, well-presented entry clearly shows why Caroline Soutar is thoroughly deserving of the title Rising Star 2023. Caroline has achieved incredible financial results but this is definitely not her only focus. She has a clear commitment to learning and is working hard to be the best trainer she can be. She is involved in many of her client’s community activities and is forming strong partnerships at all levels. She has a passion to change the perception of the industry and is living the values we expect of RCSA members.

Recruitment Professional 2023 – Sponsored by SEEK

Michelle Rubinstein (TalentWeb)

The judges considered that Michelle's entry clearly showed that she is a well-rounded recruiter, who loves her job and leading by example. She is a recognised advocate for the industry across a range of channels, mentors many and her contributions are highly regarded, which was strongly reinforced by her many outstanding references. Michelle has worked in a variety of challenging environments, and has been a consistently high achieving professional, able to excel in all of them.

Industry Leader 2023

Rebecca Hartshorn (Launch)

The judges considered that Rebecca was a shining example of genuine leadership, both within her firm and in the wider industry. She demonstrated excellent results that were well backed up and showed great initiative in leadership, particularly with her investment into training and coaching. A well deserving winner.

Geoff Slade FRCSA (Life) (Slade Group)

A true industry leader, Geoff Slade presented an amazing story of success. Through a very strong demonstration of leadership, Geoff has secured a strong reputation in the industry over a substantial length of time. He has contributed to the industry in so many different ways and is worthy of the title Industry Leader.

CEO Outstanding Contribution Award

Jelena Giro (MRCSA) (ALTAIRA)

RCSA thanks all of its entrants and congratulates both the winners and finalists in this year’s awards ceremony. We #loveyourwork and can’t wait to see each and every one of you soar higher.

The lifeblood of RCSA are the member contributions and the red blood cells, which carry the oxygen of our purpose, are those members that take the initiative, never let up and strive to achieve a better world through the work that we do. Jelena Giro is that member. Never needing to be asked, never asking for recognition and never taking a backward step, Jelena is outstanding in our community. From the work Jelena has done in promoting our industry’s value to the aged care sector, to driving local initiatives on the South Australian Council, Jelena is why RCSA is strong and influential.