Online roundtable with Department of Treasury – share your insights into the operation of non-competes and restraint of trade

20 December 2023

The Commonwealth Department of Treasury has established a Competition Taskforce to examine competition laws, policies and institutions to ensure they remain fit for purpose. As part of this review, the taskforce will examine the use of non-competes and other restraint of trade clauses in employment, given the potential they have to impact employee mobility, innovation and productivity.

Treasury has approached RCSA to provide insights and input into the review, given the direct experience recruitment providers have in providing employment services to employers and employees, and because of the broad range of employment contracts members have the opportunity to observe in operation. They are most keen to get feedback from members around what exists in this context across contracts broadly in the marketplace currently and would welcome your insights into their review.

RCSA will host an online roundtable for members to share their insights directly with the Department of Treasury on Tuesday 30 January between 11am and 12pm AEDT. If you are available and have insights you can share with the review please contact Gabrielle Brennan in RCSA’s advocacy team at [email protected] or on 0402 249 706, who can share an invitation to join the discussion. If you are unable to attend but have insights to share, please email them to Gabrielle.